Film: Helvellyn via Striding Edge

Site user Roger Kinder has sent us this short film, shot a few days ago on Helvellyn.

'We went up the "old" route and met the Grisedale path higher up' he tells us. '2nd of October, 20 degrees and yet it was eerily quiet on the mountain with very few people!'  

Roger, who's based near Holmfirth, says he's been making films 'of dubious quality' for about 15 years.

'Most online routes in those days where just a description of the route with the odd photo stuck in' he says.

'I thought that people who were just starting out hill walking didn’t really get a feel for the walk. There weren’t many routes online using video so I thought I’d start to upload some to youtube and Vimeo as a bit of fun. It’s really in the last few years that I’ve started to make more effort into making the films more cinematic.'

A creative talent, Roger has also been writing and performing music for many years, and recently started making his own film soundtracks.

'I know the Lakes extremely well and we’ve been coming on a fairly regular basis for the last 15 years. We don’t really do Wainwright bagging but I reckon we’ve virtually done them all and some more often than others.'

'Helvellyn is a particular favourite of ours as it was one of the first we ever went up and we have a lot of fond memories.'

'My long suffering wife Cath is my model in the films. She is extremely patient and puts up with me directing and pointing and stuff! She’s a member of our local mountain rescue team (Holme Valley Mountain Rescue) and though a grandmother of a “certain age” she just flies up them hills leaving me panting like a sweating Hippo! She worries that people will get fed up of seeing her on film, but I think that anyone thinking of taking up hill walking should be inspired by her obvious love of the mountains.' 



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