Break-in At Cairngorms Mountain Rescue Post

Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team have taken to Facebook to report a break-in at their Glen Derry post last Friday. Intruders had ripped the lock from the door and appeared to have been using it as a bothy.

Did they mistake it for this nearby bothy?
© Dan Bailey

The incident comes shortly after a similar tale in the Lakes, where the Wasdale team's stretcher box on Mickledore was found emptied (see UKH news here). Thankfully in the Glen Derry case little harm seems to have been done to the equipment stored inside, but it's safe to say the Aberdeen team were not amused. Here's what they had to say: 

'Friday evening we arrived out to our rescue post in Glen Derry for the weekend's training to find the padlock ripped off the door. No real damage inside thankfully, although signs of recent occupancy including a message that the water in the kettle was purified and signatures on the calendar from the very same day!'

'So to whoever did this: the best we can assume is that you mistook the rescue post for a public bothy nearby, despite the large padlock on the door and the 'Mountain Rescue Post' sign on the side of the building. Even though you didn't damage inside, you appear to have taken/used some items and then left the building open to be ransacked by others. Mountain rescue posts are invaluable bases from which to operate, we don't need to arrive on a callout to find one broken into.'

'Thankfully by coincidence we seem to have visited Derry Bothy just shortly after you cleared out and the building has now been secured again. Whoever you are, we have your names from the calendar you signed and have informed the police.'

'Feel free to make it up to us by making a large donation to the team at'

'But please don't come back.'

'For anyone that hears the story of friends or colleagues that broke into a building in Glen Derry and then made themselves at home, perhaps you might draw their attention to the fact that doors are generally locked for a reason and then show them this post.'



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