Stalking Info Website Improved For This Season

A new improved version of the Heading for the Scottish Hills web service has been launched. The service, run by SNH, helps walkers and climbers avoid deer stalking on participating estates during the main stalking season, which runs from now until 20th October.

Stag Party on Duchray Hill, 170 kb
Stag Party on Duchray Hill
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The upgrades have been made following comments from walkers, deer management groups and the MCofS.

Now available on mobiles and tablets, the site covers more hills, with information on individual Munros and Corbetts now included in a way that's easier to navigate. Routes that are always stalking-free are mentioned, along with estate-specific info on the duration of stalking, and any days of the week when it's not carried out. And if you need more information, contact details for participating estates are clearly displayed.

'The web service is a quick way to check that you won’t disturb deer stalking when heading to participating hills between July and October' said Fiona Cuninghame, SNH recreation and access officer.

'We hope that you find the service easy to use and would welcome feedback on We expect the service to continue to grow, so if you’re planning a trip and the hills you want to climb aren’t included on the site, it’s worth taking another look nearer the time.'

However since the relevant info is only availble for estates that have joined the scheme, coverage of the country still remains patchy.  

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