FRI NIGHT VID: Winter Showcase 2015

Shot over an eight week period this season in the snowy hills of North Wales and Lochaber, this spectacular film by MIC Rob Johnson of Expeditionguide 'showcases what the DJI Phantom 2 and the GoPro Hero 3+ are capable of' he says. We can only agree.

'Its been a great season with lots of variable conditions and some great people to share them with' says Rob.

'January was very windy and wild and there was lots of snow about too which gave some great conditions for folks to learn in and laid down some great snow and ice for the climbing. I had a superb week of work at the beginning of Feb where we were able to reap the rewards of all that snow and ice during a week of high pressure.'

Looks like he made good use of it for filming.

'I use a quadcopter with a GoPro for everything that's in the video' Rob tells us.

'It's a fairly new way of filming from the air but is rapidly growing in popularity. It gets some amazing images from some stunning perspectives and I love it.'

Rob, who has been at it for a couple of years, says that drone flying has a steep (and expensive) learning curve at first:

'Flying in a mountain environment can be quite tricky, but the last 12 months I have definitely developed as a pilot. I love combining this with my passion for short films and the mountains. I have just finished my Remote Pilots Qualification ground school training this week so that I can get CAA Approval to fly commercially. I have also invested in a bigger hexacopter that flies a DSLR camera for broadcast quality footage and will be putting together a showcase for that in the next few weeks.'

'If people want to get into it I would recommend getting some training and if they want to use the footage in any way that gives them a commercial gain they will need to get qualified and CAA Approved. It's an expensive process but people are being prosecuted for using them illegally and unsafely.'

So is it a lot of effort, combining this sort of filming with a day in the winter mountains?

'The quadcopter that is use is small and portable so it is possible to carry on a big winter day' says Rob, 'but yes it is a faff, and I have found it better to get aerial shots on a day where I head out specifically with that in mind. I use the GoPro to film every day that I am out and then tie the static/ground footage in with the aerial shots after the event.'

For more information on aerial filming and the kit that Rob uses see his new website

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