Peak District to be Chinese

Bit of a random one, this: The Peak District will feature in a new tourism marketing campaign that invites people in China to suggest new names for British places.

Burbage Valley Inversion, 64 kb
Burbage Valley Inversion
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Over a ten-week period, national tourism agency VisitBritain will advertise asking people in China to give Chinese names to 101 British places. The campaign hopes to attract more visitors from the rapidly-growing Chinese tourism market.

Joss Croft, marketing director at VisitBritain, said:

'Names are very important in China and this campaign will raise the profile of the Peak District National Park.'

'This is a fun way of getting Chinese people to think about and describe some places in Britain, especially as some of the British names of these places or things are meaningless or difficult to literally translate or even pronounce for the Chinese.'

'We’d like local communities to get behind this campaign and suggest other places and locations to rename via our #greatnames hashtag.'

The Peak District's new name is likely to be unveiled in March.

So what's the Chinese for T' Peaks?

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