Friday Films: Protecting and Restoring Wild Land

Mountain eye candy with a worthy message: three charity campaign videos from organisations taking a leading role in conserving wild landscapes and restoring the natural ecosystem. 

First Trees for Life, a highlands-based group committed to replanting the native Caledonian forest that would once have filled most glens. To date they have planted over 1 million new trees, and aim to notch up 1 million more in the next few years. Their long term vision is to join remnant islands of degraded woodland into a fully restored natural forest covering large parts of the highlands. It'd be great for wildlife, of course, and totally transform the character of hillwalking too.

Here's a short promotional film about the work of the charity, with loads of spectacular woodland scenery. 

Next up Essential Wildness, an attractive video from landscape charity the John Muir Trust that makes an effective case for conserving mountains rather than developing them. We can build roads, cities and technological giants, they say, but we can't build wilderness.  

And getting a little more hands-on, Our Wild Ways looks at the hills through the eyes of pathwork officer Chris Goodman, giving an idea of the sheer hard graft that goes into maintaining the Trust's 120km+ of upland footpaths, popular routes in some of Britain's most spectacular locations. OK it's a fundraising promo for the path building Wild Ways Appeal, but it's a worthwhile wee film in its own right too.

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