VIDEO: Livesey Light: Profile of a Mountain Photographer

Nick Livesey discovered the mountains of Snowdonia over a decade ago and finally moved there a year and a half ago, quitting a secure job, leaving family and friends, to live in a caravan in Capel Curig.

He has a distinct photographic style, in which emphasis is based upon how light interacts with the land. His images have become synonymous with Snowdonia in a very short period of time. Nick Brown has produced a short film about Nick Livesey's passion for mountain photography.

He commented: "I first came across Nick’s photos through the galleries on UKC. They struck me as different because they weren’t the standard golden hour shots that most landscape photographers strive for. Nick’s shots looked like he had to spend a lot of time in bad weather, waiting for those rare moments when light poked through the clouds and illuminated the landscape.

It’s lovely to look through Nick’s gallery and see a constant motivation for getting out in all weather. After spending a day with Nick, the lasting impressions I got were his knowledge of every nook and knoll and his love of Snowdonia. He’d taken nine days off from work when we were filming, but laughed at the idea that he’d go somewhere else, other than North Wales.

A year and a half ago, Nick finally made the move to Capel Curig. He quit his secure job and went to live in a caravan on a farm. He describes it as “the best decision I ever made.” Doing something like this always appeals to my sense of adventure, but it’s quite rare for people to actually jump the void and make sacrifices to pursue something that they love.

Nick’s back catalogue of photos is continually growing and you can view some of his favourites in his “Soul of Snowdonia” gallery at the Moel Siabod cafe in Capel Curig. I’d highly recommend this, as photos really come alive in print."

You can view some of Nick Livesey's stunning images on his website.

There's also a great selection of  Route Cards on UKH.



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