Avalanche Advice Leaflet Launched

To help people understand avalanche awareness and plan their winter days safely the Sportscotland Avalanche Information Service (SAIS) and a number of UK-wide agencies have collaborated to produce a free educational leaflet. ‘Be Avalanche Aware’ simply and clearly illustrates a process mountain goers can use before and during their days out, to help them avoid avalanche danger.

Weird avalanche debris, Ben More, 152 kb
Weird avalanche debris, Ben More
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The leaflet, which first came out in a limited way last winter, has now had its official launch in time for the 2014-15 season.

It encourages people venturing into the mountains to consider together three important factors: the weather and mountain conditions; their own skill and experience levels; and the type of landscape they will be travelling in. 

Each should be examined at three phases: during the planning for the trip; during the journey itself; and at specific key times and points during the journey.

Simple, easy to follow advice and vital information is supplied for the lot.

Heather Morning, Mountain Safety Advisor with The Mountaineering Council of Scotland, thinks that a few minutes studying the info could literally save your life: 

"The ‘Be Avalanche Aware’ leaflet is an invaluable source of knowledge for anyone who enjoys the Scottish winter mountains, whether they are Munro baggers, climbers or off-piste skiers" she says.

Mark Diggins, coordinator of SAIS, added:

'The leaflet outlines the decision-making process and the important, fundamental considerations that are so important to know when venturing into the winter mountains.'

  • It's available as a PDF on the SAIS website.
  • You can also get hold of a hard copy by sending an SAE to Heather Morning at the MCofS or to Mark Diggins at Glenmore Lodge, by Aviemore, Inverness-shire PH22 1QU.

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