Cartoon: Bringing up the Rear

Bringing up the Rear is a new series of cartoons from hillwalking blogger and playwright John Burns. We'll publish the occasional doodle from the series on UKH. 

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© John Burns

I stumbled into cartooning, like a rambler falling into a bog, not really looking where I was going and getting a surprise at the end of it says John.

I've been happily writing my blog for a while now and illustrated one entry with a crude cartoon. People seemed to like my drawings and a few folk on the Hilltalk forum have encouraged me, so basically it's your fault. I'm frantically trying to master the vagaries of an HB pencil, and one day I'll learn to draw figures whose legs actually look like they might be joind to them.  Until then I hope you enjoy my attempts at cartooning the world of hillwalking and encouraging everyone not to take it all so seriously.


  • For more cartoons and tales of wandering visit John's blog here.
  • John will be performing his one-man play Mallory: Beyond Everest at the Kendal Mountain Festival, Friday 21 Nov



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