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UKHillwalking regular Kevin Woods is featured in a TV documentary tonight. The film covers Kevin's three-month solo trip around all 282 Munros in summer 2013, which we interviewed him about last year (see here).

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Kevin Woods
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The programme, which Kevin did with MacTV for BBC Alba, follows his journey as well as talking to other hill-goers, not least Hamish Brown himself, originator of the solo Munro round.

Kevin filmed the trip himself in a diary style. He was also joined at key points by Liam Dickson, Neil Allan and his dad David Woods, who filmed many of the crucial days, both in the glens and on the summits.

'Filming on the tops was very enjoyable' Kevin tells us.

'[O]ccasionally it was hard to pull the energy together to get out the camera on hard days - but they often ended up being the best bits! Much of it was shot on Canon DSLRs, which was ideal because I've always carried one anyway. I occasionally used a GoPro - in the really gnarly weather they could be whipped out of a jacket pocket without having to stop moving. They worked well in rain or snow when I couldn't bring a DSLR out, but their lower sound quality meant I didn't use them often. I got stuck into editing when I got home from Ben Hope in August, so the programme also remains very personal to me.'

'I was taught the skills of filming, photography and editing by my dad. I've been doing jobs for years as well as building up the skills for pleasure, partly through a degree in Computer Animation.'

'I also do a lot of mountain photography and panoramas, having shot nearly every Munro summit as a 360° panorama - an ongoing project! Last year's Munro Round was a great excuse to go all-out and do things properly and this is my first big venture in filming and television. I'm on the lookout for the next big creative idea - we'll see what happens!'

Dhà-Ochd-Dhà (Two-Eight-Two) is on BBC Alba at 9pm on Monday 16th June, repeated 10pm on Tuesday 17th. It'll be on iPlayer, for non-Scottish viewers, and of course it comes with English subtitles. 

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