Glen Coe to Host Midsummer Skiing

It may not be possible some years, but with the remnants of winter's heavy snow cover still clinging on in patches, the Glencoe Mountain ski centre will be hosting a traditional midsummer weekend ski session tomorrow (Saturday 21 June).

Late season skiing in Glen Coe, 61 kb
Late season skiing in Glen Coe
© Glencoe Mountain Resort

Despite the recent hot weather there is still said to be sufficient snow on the Main Basin, Spring Run, Wall, Canyon and Flypaper - enough for a bit of fun for the keen and competent. 

The access chair will be open from 9am (normal ticket prices apply), then to get a little higher the cliffhanger chair will run for free, for about 15mins from 10am.

'While there will still be some great skiing it's quite a hike up from the top of the Cliffy' the resort has Tweeted, 'so a decent level of personal fitness will be required and your personal safety will be your own responsibility. There will be no ski patrol to assist and hazards [like crevasses] will be unmarked. Skiing at this time of year is only really suitable for experienced intermediate or expert skiers.'

The Main Basin on Wednesday this week, 197 kb
The Main Basin on Wednesday this week
© Winterhighland
Crevasse on the Spring Run, 151 kb
Crevasse on the Spring Run
© Glencoe Mountain

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