No Plans to Scrap Paper Maps, Insist OS

A number of articles appeared in the media over the weekend suggesting that the Ordnance Survey plans to end routinely producing UK-wide paper mapping. This is 'simply not true', said the OS in a statement today.

Paper - still firmly on the map, we're promised, 168 kb
Paper - still firmly on the map, we're promised
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'We are committed to maintaining a national series of paper maps for both OS Explorer and OS Landranger Maps' said the OS.

They acknowledge that there has been a decline in the sales of paper maps in recent years, but say the traditional map is still important. 

'Paper maps are used by millions of outdoor enthusiasts every year. Our paper products remain an important part of Ordnance Survey with nearly two million sold over the last year.'

And there's no plan to change this, they say, with paper maps continuing to be widely available. It remains up to retailers to decide which maps to stock.

'We are always looking at ways to improve our products and services and our paper maps are no exception. We want to ensure that our paper products are the number one tool for anyone discovering the outdoors. This commitment has been reflected during recent years with our investment in our paper products.'

'Paper maps are an important and iconic part of the Ordnance Survey brand and we strongly feel that they remain an essential part of the outdoors market, working alongside digital products and apps. We would always emphasise the importance of carrying a paper map, a compass, and having navigational skills, to support any digital products and apps that are also being used by outdoors enthusiasts.' 

'We are disappointed by these media articles and again would like to stress that we are committed to maintaining the national series of paper maps and that we will continue to supply these products to wholesalers, retailers and customers.'

So where did the story come from? We're lost.

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