Culra Bothy Closes Indefinitely

Culra bothy has been declared unsafe, and is now officially closed. It looks likely to remain so, and will probably have to be demolished and rebuilt.

Culra bothy: packing for the long way out  © hwackerhage
Culra bothy: packing for the long way out
© hwackerhage

A survey at the much-used bothy, which occupies a prime position by the Ben Alder massif (NN523762), has picked up on a risk from asbestos. Its loss will be keenly felt.

Here's what the Mountain Bothies Association website has to say:

'Culra bothy was originally built using aspestos sheeting. Although much of this has been replaced over the years a professional survey has just been carried out on the building and we have been advised that the bothy is unsafe for public use.'

'Culra is therefore closed with immediate effect.'

'Discussions are continuing with regards the future of the building but it is most likely it will need to be entirely demolished and a new bothy built in its stead.'

'Notices will be placed on the building as soon as we are able to get them there - the building is currently unlocked and may remain unlocked but should still not be used except in extreme emergency.'

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10 Mar, 2014
Closed but 'unlocked'...
10 Mar, 2014
Can't see it being rebuilt can you? Article suggests it would be demolished rather than simply closed....
10 Mar, 2014
I agree, I can see that happening too - a real shame. Culra is one of my favourite bothies.
10 Mar, 2014
Snap. Fond memories of one trip there mid winter by myself, spending over an hour collecting iron hard bog wood, another hour trying to get the fire going...raised the temperature a whole degree to -2!!! Awoke to the frostiest, clearest morning I've ever seen and had an absolute stunning day on Ben Alder via Short Leachas!
10 Mar, 2014
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