New Mtn Art Exhibition Open in Pitlochry

The John Muir Centre in Pitlochry is currently hosting an exhibition by artist, hillwalker and keen climber Clare Yarrington. Mountain, Moor and Cliff is a collection of original prints and mixed media collages that draw on her experience of walking and climbing in wild landscapes. 

Borderland - mixed media, 73 kb
Borderland - mixed media
© Clare Yarrington

It also includes her artist's book, 'Remember Climbing the Old Man of Hoy?', a suite of prints based on her memories of that unique climb.

'Much of my work focuses not only on the landscape itself but also on our interaction with, and impact on, the natural world' says Clare, a visual artist based in rural Scotland and winner of several awards. 

Her work has previously featured at the Dundee Mountain Film Festival and the Kendal Mountain Film Festival.  

'I approach the landscape in different ways – as a walker, as an archaeologist and as a climber – but I am also informed by my interest in geology, meteorology and palaeontology' she says.

'Using collage and mixed media enables me to express a variety of feelings and thoughts inspired by nature. I build up different layers of time, perspective and meaning in an attempt to convey the sense of being within the wild landscape.'

'Throughout his life John Muir revelled in the beauty of the natural world, from soaring mountain peaks to bleak, windswept moorland. In my artwork I try to convey a similar love for the landscape'

The exhibition runs until April 12. For more see Clare Yarrington's website 

Climber I - screen print
© Clare Yarrington

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