National Parks Partner With Air Freshener Brand

Yes, really. It's not yet April 1st so we have to take a recent press release at face value: The official association of the UK's 15 National Parks has announced a new partnership with a home fragrance brand, aimed at promoting ‘Britain's breathing spaces’ in a new and 'interesting' way.

A sheep admiring the Peaks, 92 kb
A sheep admiring the Peaks
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Air freshener brand Air Wick, or more correctly their parent company Reckitt Benckiser, has joined with National Parks UK to launch a National Parks Fragrance Collection inspired, they say, by the 15-member National Parks family and 'crafted by Air Wick Master Perfumers to capture the freshness of our iconic countryside landscapes' according to the press release

'The National Parks are free and open to all, and we hope this new partnership will help us to extend that message outside of our traditional circles and encourage those who have never visited to consider doing so' said National Parks UK Director Kathryn Cook.

'Of course, Britain's breathing spaces are internationally recognised as ideal locations for any number of activities, from stargazing to cycling, but we want people from all walks of life to know that they are welcome to explore and engage with these iconic British landscapes.'

...Or alternatively, they could just stay at home and breathe deep from the perfumed comfort of the couch. Presumably. 

The new fragrances have been blended to 'evoke the spirit' of four National Parks, we're told: the Yorkshire Dales, Brecon Beacons, Exmoor and Peak District.

But as one Lake District outdoor store has already tweeted this morning, wouldn't sheep poo and Gore-Tex more or less cover it, smell-wise?

'We view this as a fantastic opportunity to make everyone more aware of these beautiful areas of protected countryside... and help to preserve their heritage' said Air Wick Marketing Director Jerome Lemaire.

In addition to raising awareness of the UK National Parks family, the partnership will help generate funds for heritage projects.

'We feel this partnership will help us continue our mission to engage young people and families' added Kathryn Cook. 'We take great care in the choice of partners because there has to be a synergy between an organisation such as National Parks UK and a brand. We felt that Air Wick appreciated what we are trying to achieve and that Air Wick, through its manufacturer, Reckitt Benckiser, is a responsible company committed to sustainability, with clear and established goals to improve the environmental impact of its business.'

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