BMC Launch Landscape Charter

The BMC has published its first Landscape Charter today. This outlines the organisation's role in campaigning to protect landscapes from damaging developments.

Part of the Peak District National Park as seen from the top of Mam Tor, 68 kb
Part of the Peak District National Park as seen from the top of Mam Tor
© Falko Rech, Feb 2007

The experience of landscape is an intrinsic reason why people go climbing and hillwalking, the Charter states. The BMC wants these landscapes to be managed and protected so they remain 'sanctuaries for quiet and sustainable recreation', and say they will work to strike a 'proper balance' between development and conservation.

The organisation considers one of its responsibilities to be providing members with advice and information on any landscape and biodiversity issues that might affect places that matter to them.

'In a nutshell [the Charter] expresses our broad interests in landscape issues' explains Cath Flitcroft, Access and Conservation Officer. 

'[It] recognises that there are various threats to the landscapes our members value and sets out a framework for dealing with threats on a case by case basis through the local area structure but with greater support and information from the BMC national access team.'

Possible issues that could be seen to damage landscape character or detract from its amenity value include major wind farm developments in mountainous areas; fracking and potash mines; and recreational developments such as zip wires. 

The BMC point out that the charter does not dictate whether they are for or against any particular development. But it does give members information on how to go about voicing any concerns through their local BMC area.

For the full article by Cath Flitcroft see the BMC website here.

The BMC Landscape Charter can also be downloaded here.

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