Nude and Lewd on Cave Hill

The Belfast Telegraph is today reporting an encounter between 'scores' of walkers and a couple that appear to have been indulging in some al fresco friskiness with a camera on the city's Cave Hill, a popular walking spot.

'fitzoy fantasies', 100 kb
'fitzoy fantasies'
© James Monypenny, Mar 2013

'They went on up the path, he appeared to be getting his camera equipment out, then she took her gear off' one eyewitness, not named, told the paper. 

'She was posing on a rock and all sorts of poses, glamour sort of stuff. I couldn't see any detail from where I was but it was obvious it wasn't anything tasteful. She climbed up into the cave at one point, legs splayed out.'

We can't make much out from the blurry mobile phone photos supplied (we have tried), so we'll have to take the witness at their word. 

Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland has suggested that Belfast City Council might want to investigate Wednesday's outrage, according to the paper, which today also features on its homepage World's Best Bikini Bodies and World's Hottest Male Bodies. Selective disgust, then, or just a well developed sense of irony?

And there we shall draw a veil.

Nb. The photo accompanying this piece bears no relation to the events described. 

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