New Climbing Film to Raise Money for Mountain Rescue

Dom Bush and Joe Beaumont are making a film to raise money for Mountain Rescue UK and BMC Access and Conservation Trust.

In 2011 Joe, an experienced climber, sky diver and mountain biker fell 40 metres from a crag in the Lake District. He sustained very serious injuries and lay close to death. Thanks to the exceptional work of the Wasdale Mountain Rescue team and RAF Boulmer Joe was airlifted to hospital where he began a very long and painful recovery. Not content to sit back Joe has been challenging himself and raising money ever since and is planning his most audacious challenge to date.

Joe Beaumont
© Dom Bush

From their Page:

"Joe Beaumont is planning a monumental challenge, to travel from Holme Fen in Cambridgeshire at -2m below sea level to the highest point in the UK, the Summit of Ben Nevis via Tower Ridge.

That is a substantial journey for anyone, and the climb would be on the ticklist of many experienced climbers but for Joe it is an even greater challenge. Joe will undertake the entire challenge with a large metal cage fixed to the outside of his lower leg. Why?

In March 2011 Joe, an experienced climber, mountain biker and sky diver fell 40 metres from a rock face in the Lake District. Though his injuries were incredibly severe his resilience and determination kept him alive and he began a very long and painful recovery whilst undergoing multiple operations on different parts of his body. Just over two years later Joe is learning to walk again, learning to live with his disabilities and formulating big plans!"

So, what is

Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform that helps creative projects get off the ground, you pledge a little money to a project and you get a choice of rewards in return. It means you can be an active part of exciting projects whilst helping to get them off the ground and in this case raise much needed funds for charity.

There are some incentives down the side (like free copies of the film, t-shirts from ALPKIT, your name in the credits) that you get when you pledge a certain amount.

Dom Bush told UKC:

"Here is the important bit - only if we hit our £3000 target do any funds get released from pledges. So if we don't hit our target within the next 12 days we get nothing. That's right, nowt! If we do hit it, pledges are collected within two weeks of the project finishing and we can get on our way!

We are really committed to making this project happen and want you all to be involved so have a look at our project and if you can share it around. Thankyou!"

The guys are raising money via kickstarter to fund their film project. They are then going to premiere the film at Kendal, and sell it via download. All money from the sales of the film will go to the Mountain Rescue and The BMC ACT.

Here is the link -

Special thanks go out to the sponsors Alpkit, BMC and Lyon Outdoor for all their support so far.

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