MoD Drops Cape Wrath Purchase

The Ministry of Defence has today confirmed rumours that it will not be going ahead with controversial plans to buy more land at Cape Wrath - reported here on UKH

NATO assault on poor old Garbh-eilean (Cape Wrath area)., 80 kb
NATO assault on poor old Garbh-eilean (Cape Wrath area).
© streapadair

The MoD told BBC Radio Scotland that it will no longer be seeking to buy the c.60 acres of land around the Cape Wrath Lighthouse, which it had hoped to add to its existing 25,000-acre training range on the peninsular.

The plan had drawn flak from conservation and outdoor organisations, fearing for the future of public access at the far northwestern extremity of the British Mainland in the event of an MoD takeover, while representatives of the local community at Durness also had a rival interest in buying the land.

'We hear MoD withdrawn bid for Cape Wrath' Tweeted local MSP Rob Gibson in combative (and rather preemptive) response a couple of days ago: 'Roll on community development. Durness people to win'

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