Get Walking, Couch Potatoes

A recent poll shows that a quarter of British adults walk for an hour or less per week. Assuming they're not spending their time running or cycling instead, this suggests they're not doing enough exercise to stay fit and healthy. To help put this right The Ramblers are running the UK's biggest short walks festival this week.

You're never too young or old to get walking, 172 kb
You're never too young or old to get walking
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The UK's Chief Medical Officers recommend that adults do 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. But while the online survey carried out by YouGov reveals that an overwhelming majority (93%) of the British public agree that walking is a good form of exercise, a lot of people still aren't getting enough. According to the survey nearly half (43%) of Britain's adults walk for two hours or less per week, while 25% manage only an hour or less. And that includes everyday walking to the shops, work or school.

According to The Ramblers walking is the key to helping reverse the global 'pandemic' of inactivity.

'But more needs to be done to help people get started' they say, 'from support for projects like Walking for Health, which provide free, friendly short walks, to ensuring there is greater investment in the places we walk, enabling people to travel by foot.'

To help more sedentary folk to get active The Ramblers are running Britain's biggest short walks festival this week.

During Get Walking Week, (4-11 May) Ramblers groups across Britain will be leading hundreds of free short walks of five miles or less. In England, Walking for Health, which is run by the Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support, will also be inviting people across the country to join a local walk.

Get Walking Week is supported by the Britain on Foot initiative.

Benedict Southworth, Ramblers chief executive said:

'We want people all over Britain to join the walking revolution and take their first steps towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.'

'Walking is one of the most accessible and achievable ways to truly conquer this inactivity pandemic in Britain, and we need to get started now. Find a short walk with your local Walking for Health scheme or Ramblers group during Get Walking Week and join us as we get Britain moving.'

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