Survey: Strong Backing for National Parks

Budgets may be squeezed, but a recent survey commissioned by the UK Association of National Park Authorities (UK ANPA), shows an impressively high level of public support for Britain's National Parks.

Peter on the summit of Skiddaw, 213 kb
Peter on the summit of Skiddaw
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The survey sought opinions from people of all ages in England, Scotland and Wales. As with a similar survey carried out in 2007, the goal was to see how people interact with their National Parks.

Roughly 86% of those surveyed saw National Parks as important to conserving national heritage, and 96% felt that every child should experience a National Park first hand.

The number of visits to National Parks has risen in recent years, and this combined with the survey results suggests, according to the UKANPA, that they are integral to people's lives.

This is emphasised by people's views on conservation, say the UKANPA, with 96% of respondents agreeing that it is important to protect areas of the countryside from development, and 49% saying they would like to see more money spent on the UK's National Parks - even at a time of across-the-board cuts.

'This survey offers a very encouraging look at people's attitudes' said UK ANPA chairman Carl Lis.

'In some cases, the survey findings have remained as positive as in 2007, which means the UK's National Parks are highly valued regardless of economic climate.'

The survey report can be viewed here.

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