Capel Curig Path Upgrade

The path above Bryn Tyrch Uchaf in Capel Curig has recently undergone a facelift.

Bryn Tyrch - before, 57 kb
Bryn Tyrch - before
© Snowdonia National Park Authority
Bryn Tyrch - after, 207 kb
Bryn Tyrch - after
© Snowdonia National Park Authority

Heavy use had turned this popular route into a boggy mess, so to avoid further deterioration Snowdonia National Park's Estate Workers have made a few changes.

Thirty tons of stone and 180 tons of gravel were used in laying a new surface, new drainage ditches were dug and landscaping work was carried out.

The path, an important link in the area's trail network, also forms part of the Snowdonia National Park Authority's 'Leisure Network' in Capel Curig.

National Park Access Projects Officer Hywel Jones said:

'The work that the Estate Workers have achieved here is admirable for several reasons. Because of its remote location, it has been a difficult and challenging process to get the material to the site.'

'Also, the workers had to work in gruelling circumstances given that this particular area tends to receive a lot of rain and the ground was very wet.'

'However, after all their hard work, we have a worthwhile path. The Authority is extremely grateful to Mr Gwilym Jones and Mr and Mrs Minns for their cooperation and understanding in facilitating the work.'

The upgrade at Bryn Tyrch Uchaf is just part of the many kilometres of paths that Snowdonia's Estate Workers repair every year.

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