Steall Gorge Closed in November

The John Muir Trust (JMT) will be carrying out repairs on the Steall Gorge footpath in upper Glen Nevis from November until January 2013, resulting in a brief closure.

The Steall wire bridge, 103 kb
The Steall wire bridge
© Dan Bailey

Walkers should note that the path will be closed on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 November, to allow a helicopter to bring in materials (weather permitting).

The road beyond the lower falls car park will also be closed on these dates.

The JMT apologise for any inconvenience, and ask that visitors take care while work is in progress, and follow any instructions given by staff.

This work was the subject of a recent appeal for donations - reported at the time on UKH. It is being carried out, say the Trust, to prevent erosion, protect fragile habitats and maintain the path in a suitable condition following many years of very heavy use.

Chris Goodman, the JMT's footpath project officer, said:

'Sections of the path are under serious threat of erosion, with some areas in danger of crumbling away completely.'

For more info contact the JMT on 01397 705049.

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