Rab Mountain Marathon Takes Place This Weekend

The sixth Rab Mountain Marathon, a testing two-day wild country event, will be held in The Cheviots on the weekend of 6th October.

Rab MM, 114 kb

Organised by Dark & White Events and sponsored by Rab, the race will be run under FRA rules by teams of only one or two people. The 2012 Rab Mountain Marathon follows similar lines to previous years. The course is a score format that avoids snakes of runners going from point to point, and consequently it's a great test of navigation skills. Competitors carry everything necessary for two long days in the mountains, plus an overnight stay.

'The Elite guys will be out for a total of 13 hours over two days, and have packs that weigh 4-5kg (including food and water)' says Rab's Dan Thompson.

The other categories are out for 11 hours over two days and a more realistic pack weight (with a few luxuries) is likely to be anything from 7 to 9kg+.

In addition to a variety of runner's classes there's also a walker's class - a welcome concession for those who just want an easier weekend.

'The event is a relative newcomer to the world of mountain marathons and is well-loved, with the same faces coming back every year for the friendly atmosphere, great courses and the challenge of having to constantly make decisions on route choice, timings and points scored' Dan tells us.

This year's event will be held in the Cheviots in Northumberland, just outside the town of Wooler.

'The area looks to offer fantastic running, amazing scenery and a navigational challenge for everybody' says Dan. 'Fingers crossed for weather as good as in the previous few years!'

Here's a video from the 2010 event.

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