Naked Rambler Released

The BBC are reporting the release earlier today of Stephen Gough, a.k.a. the Naked Rambler.

Carnethy Hill from above Green Cleugh, 153 kb
If you go down to the Pentlands today you might have a big surprise

The 53-year-old former Royal Marine and nudist die-hard was in the buff on his release from Edinburgh's Saughton Prison, having been serving a five month sentence following his arrest in July for being naked in Dunfermline.

In 2003-4 he walked the length of Britain in his birthday suit (and a pair of boots), but Gough has spent much of the last six years in Scottish prisons, and is usually re-arrested soon after release thanks to his continued refusal to cover up. He's walking - albeit making slow progress - back to England, where perhaps the authorities might be more inclined to turn a blind eye.

Lothian and Borders Police said they were willing to exercise discretion in his case "if circumstances permit", report the BBC.

Gough is understood to now be walking through the Pentland Hills on his way to Peebles. Perhaps this UKH Route Card just looked too good for him to miss.

Anyone of an easily-offended disposition should probably keep away from Cock Rig and all those grouse butts this afternoon...

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