W.Highland Way Alternative Route Closure

Walkers wanting to spice up their West Highland Way experience by taking the difficult 'low road' variation along the wooded banks of Loch Lomond may be disappointed to learn that it is currently closed.

The Arrochar 'Alps' from the east side of Loch Lomond, 185 kb
The Arrochar 'Alps' from the east side of Loch Lomond
© Dan Bailey -

A Forestry Commission Scotland contractor is felling trees on the lower path, which runs along the east shore of the loch between Ptarmigan and Rowchoish. The work started this week, but due to the difficulty of the ground there is no completion date as yet.

The work is to remove fallen trees and generally tidy up the path, which is a challenging water-side alternative to the more usual and far easier 'high road' [ahem, sorry, Ed.] up in the woods above the shore.

The more popular higher level variant is unaffected and remains open as usual.

For a description of both alternatives on this section of the WHW see this UKH Route Card.

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