Help the BMC get more RAD

Rob Dyer of the BMC has recently posted this on the UKC forums:

"The BMC is in the planning stages of updating the Regional Access Database (RAD). We're aiming to make it much more user friendly and modernise the whole system, but we want to know which features are used, those that aren't and what is missing from the current version before we go ahead with the overhaul.

In case you don't know what RAD is, it's the BMC's 'one stop shop' for all crag access information and it can be found here: (If you haven't used it before, have a quick look before filling out the survey).

I'd really appreciate it if you could take 5-10 mins to fill out the survey and help us make the new version as relevant to climbers as possible:


BMC RAD, 63 kb

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