60K Appeal - It's a Steall

The John Muir Trust – which earlier this year won a sum of money to restore the classic Steall Gorge footpath in Glen Nevis – has launched a public appeal to complete funding for the repair work. Another £60,000 is needed, they say.

Steall Falls, summer, 160 kb
Steall Falls, summer
© Dan Bailey

This popular route winds through native woodland high above the boulder-choked ravine of the Water of Nevis to reach the hidden sanctuary of Steal Meadow, backed by An Steall Ban (aka Steall Falls), Britain's second highest waterfall.

An estimated 40,000 people a year walk through the gorge, from daytripping families and hillwalkers heading for the Aonachs, Grey Corries and Mamores to rock climbers en route to the crags of the upper glen. The footfall is having an effect.

...And in winter, 210 kb
...And in winter
© Dan Bailey

Chris Goodman, the Trust's footpath project officer, said:

'Sections of the path are under serious threat of erosion, with some areas in danger of crumbling away completely.'

'We're asking climbers, walkers and anyone who loves wild places and mountain scenery to help us with this vital work to repair this great footpath, maintain access, protect the glen's fragile habitats and prevent future erosion.'

Author and broadcaster Cameron McNeish added:

'Steall Gorge is a fantastic route into a stunning area of wild land - the sort of path that everyone should travel at least once in their lives. I'd urge anyone who loves the UK's wild places to support the John Muir Trust's appeal for funds to prevent its erosion.'

Earlier this year, the John Muir Trust won £25,000 towards the path upgrade after topping the voting in a contest organised by the European Outdoor Conservation Association. The total cost of the project is £120,000, of which £60,000 is still required.

The appeal page is here. Donating online is easy.

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