Peter and Joe's Munro Round

UKH/UKC users Peter Holder and Joe Mann are currently making a trip around all 283 Munros.

Joe's minging feet, 107 kb
Joe's minging feet
© Peter Holder

The pair started on Mount Keen last Thursday, and plan to finish on Ben Hope. For the last few days they've been steadily knocking off the Cairngorms, with a couple of impressive eight- and nine-summit days and daily distances up to about 30 miles.

Eighteen-year-old Joe and Peter, 21, both first year students at the University of Cumbria studying Outdoor Leadership, expect to complete the lot in a fairly leisurely 60 days. They are sleeping in a rusty old orange Ford Transit van, which they are also using to travel between hill groups.

'I was originally planning on doing the round this summer by myself' says Peter, 'but I mentioned it to Joe who is a keen fell runner for Penistone Footpath Runners and he was keen to get involved too. We started planning the round with the intention of doing it as quick as we can but then we decided we could have way more fun if we take a bit longer over it. We are completely self-supported, not because we wanted to make it more of a challenge, but just because nobody was available to help out.'

'Unfortunately there's a lot of snow up here at the moment and we have been walking in white out conditions for two days, so we don't have any particularly inspiring photos yet' Peter told us recently. But with the weather now much improved they're hopefully making good progress.

'If anyone would like to join us for a day to keep us company you are very welcome' says Joe in a recent Hilltalk forum post.

The pair are posting daily updates on their blog.

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