Guidebook Planned For Irish 2000-ers

Mountaineering Ireland (MI), the representative body for walkers and climbers, is looking for contributors to a new guidebook covering all the Irish mountains.

On Brandon Peak, 136 kb
On Brandon Peak
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The late Joss Lynam and Rev. C.P.Vandeleur compiled a list of Irish 2000 foot mountains (before metres were discovered), and added it to the back of Claud Wall's republished book Mountaineering in Ireland in 1976. This list named 257 peaks in all, further subdivided into separate mountains and subsidiary peaks. There were 156 separates, spread reasonably fairly between Leinster, Ulster and Connaught with the more mountainous Munster having a bigger share.

As a tribute to Joss, MI has now decided to publish a guidebook to these 'Vandaleur-Lynam' peaks, along the lines of the popular SMC Munro and Corbett guides, with photos, maps and the rest. MI has asked its members and affiliated clubs with local knowledge to contribute quality access-problem-free routes (often an issue in Ireland).

The list is arranged by province, range, and height within the range. Whilst the original VL list was in feet, anomalies have occurred between the old imperial measurements and recent more accurate surveys in metres, so (somewhat paradoxically) metres have been used in the new list.

Prospective contributors can contact the project coordinator by email.

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