Winter Lectures

The snowy season is in full swing and the Mountaineering Council of Scotland's (MCofS) Winter Safety Lectures will shortly get underway. There are a series of dates with some of the country's leading experts at venues across Scotland, including Glen Coe's Clachaig Inn, the Mountain Café in Aviemore and several Tiso stores.

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The aim of the lectures is to entertain and educate, and the main theme is skills for the mountains in winter. Attendance is free and open to all.

MCofS Mountain Safety Adviser, Heather Morning, said:

'The MCofS winter safety lectures have something to offer everyone who enjoys the Scottish mountains in winter. Whether you are a seasoned mountaineer or heading to the mountains for the first time, you are guaranteed to pick up some useful top tips from the experts.'

MCofS Chief Officer David Gibson said:

'Winter mountains have much to offer in terms of physical challenge, superb views and memorable experiences. However, the margin for error is much less than at other times of the year due to the weather, conditions underfoot and limited daylight hours. These lectures could save lives by enabling you to learn from others' experience and gain an understanding of the skills and equipment you need to be more self-reliant.'

All lectures start at 8pm. Dates, venues and speakers are as follows:

  • 28 Dec Aviemore Mountain Cafe, Simon Steer
  • 25 Jan Edinburgh Outdoor Experience, Heather Morning
  • 25 Jan Aviemore Mountain Cafe, Di Gilbert
  • 26 Jan Glasgow Outdoor Experience, Heather Morning
  • 1 Feb Aviemore Mountain Cafe, Daz Streatham
  • 2 Feb Aberdeen Tiso, Di Gilbert
  • 7 Feb Clachaig Inn Glen Coe, Heather Morning
  • 8 Feb Aviemore Mountain Cafe, Adele Pennington
  • 9 Feb Perth Outdoor Experience, Heather Morning
  • 14 Feb Clachaig Inn Glen Coe, Adele Pennington
  • 15 Feb Aviemore Mountain Cafe, Tamsin Gay
  • 16 Feb Inverness Outdoor Experience, David "Heavy" Whalley
  • 21 Feb Clachaig Inn Glen Coe, Richard Bentley
  • 22 Feb Aviemore Mountain Cafe, Mark Chadwick
  • 28 Feb Clachaig Inn Glen Coe, Davy Gunn

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