New MBA Bothy in the Southern Uplands

The Mountain Bothies Association (MBA) has recently adopted a bothy at Greensykes in Eskdalemuir Forest, which is now newly renovated and open to all.

Greensykes bothy, 80 kb
Greensykes bothy

The bothy is located in an isolated forest setting in the Borders hills at approximately NT312000. It had been used as an open shelter for a number of years and its owner was keen that it should continue to be available for use by walkers and cyclists. Its adoption by the MBA will ensure that this continues to be the case. The stone-built bothy has three rooms. Renovation took place over a number of months and included the installation of new flooring, wall cladding, ceilings and a sleeping area. There is no toilet.

'We are grateful to the owner for agreeing that the MBA should assume responsibility for its future maintenance' said the MBA.

The MBA was established in 1965 and undertakes the restoration and maintenance of about 100 old cottages, huts and similar buildings throughout the wilder parts of Scotland, England and Wales for use as open shelters for walkers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Many of the buildings that are cared for by the MBA would otherwise have become derelict. The charity does not own any of the buildings that it maintains, but relies on good relations with the owners of the buildings and estate managers and staff, who often co-operate with MBA maintenance activities and assist in many other ways, including the delivery of materials to remote locations. The MBA pays for materials and tools out of membership subscriptions and donations, and all of the work is undertaken by its c.3800 members on a voluntary basis.

To find out more see the MBA website.

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