Earlier Winter Forecasts from MWIS

The Mountain Weather Information Service (MWIS) has brought forward the time of its daily weather forecast. In summer the next day's forecast is released at 16:30 each day, but every winter this changes to 13:30.

A bit wild on Beinn a' Ghlo, 65 kb
A bit wild on Beinn a' Ghlo
© Dan Bailey

This is done as an aid to safe decision making for hill walkers and climbers, allowing for earlier forward planning during the winter months. MWIS say that all forecasts will continue to be updated whenever necessary throughout the day, with the 13:30 release being a major update and all others being amendments to the major release. On most days an amendment is made at around 07:30, but it should be noted that other amendments may well take place during the course of the day should changing conditions dictate.

MWIS release daily mountain weather forecasts for five upland areas in Scotland, two in England and one in Wales.

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