Cars on Snowdon - No New Thing

Just to show there's nothing new under the sun, the BBC has unearthed footage of a car being coaxed and manhandled up Snowdon in 1917.

Snowdon from Llanberis - a new challenge for budding Clarksons?, 166 kb
Snowdon from Llanberis - a new challenge for budding Clarksons?
© Dan Bailey

This follows the widely reported weekend story that an off-road vehicle had been found not far short of the mountain's summit, having been driven up from Llanberis as an off-the-cuff stunt that Jeremy Clarkson would have been proud of (see this thread in the forum).

The driver, 39 year old Craig Williams from Gloucestershire, is reported to have said that he did it because it had been on his personal list of 50 things to do before he dies (along with appearing before North Wales magistrates, perhaps?). He has been charged with driving on common land. The stunt has drawn quite a bit of flak.

'How would we feel if we had to go and rescue injured drivers? Probably surprised, and then we'd probably review the job at very great length later!' Ian Henderson, secretary of the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team tells us.

'When this came to light there was a sense of surprise and wonderment, it's the sort of thing that you never expect. The route taken has still to be clarified but there are some very steep sections of mountain taken by the Llanberis path which leads us to wonder if it was driven on the railway for some parts of the ascent.'

'Would we take a landrover there? No! We'd use the train!'

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