BMC Sustainable Energy Symposium

What stance should the BMC take on wind farms? They are seeking to canvass the opinion of all mountain lovers at a symposium in September.

The symposium, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Landscapes has been organised to thrash out an answer to the question - how far should the BMC go to protect our mountains from development? Since we originally reported the seminar last month on UKH, the BMC has published an agenda for the day.

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They have also set out in more detail the topics due for discussion:

'As our government strives to meet its ambitious renewable energy targets, we ask the questions: Are Britain's mountains under serious threat? Are England and Wales' unprotected uplands now vulnerable to some kind of wind farm development and will hill walkers, climbers and mountaineers be among those most affected? Or is it a small sacrifice to pay for a long term sustainable energy gain?'

'So what stance should the British Mountaineering Council take? At the moment its policy is to look at each development on case by case basis with local area groups, which are at the heart of the BMC's democratic process, voting on any action to be taken. But does that go far enough? Or perhaps too far? Should the BMC keep its nose out of Britain's energy policy altogether? Or should mountains of national significance benefit from the protection of a stronger, national led policy designed to protect our precious uplands from all potential threats?'

Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Landscapes will be held, appropriately, at the Electric Mountain Visitor Centre, Llanberis on Saturday 10th September at 9.00am.

The program includes some great speakers on both sides of the debate and offers attendees a chance to influence the BMC's work in a very contentious area. Everyone with an interest is welcome to attend, not just BMC members.

If you are interested in attending this event then please email Cath Flitcroft or telephone 0161 438 3333. The deadline for registration is Friday 19 August.

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