Ben Lomond Walkers - All Give, No Take

Despite all the political hot air wafting out of the fires of Britain's so-called social collapse it's business as usual across most of the country. People helping each other and being nice, that sort of thing. Boring, isn't it? Gentle good news rarely makes headlines, so to buck the trend for a minute the National Trust for Scotland is today reporting a heart-warming tale of honesty and generosity among hillwalkers on Ben Lomond.

Ben Lomond path work, 147 kb
Ben Lomond path work

Ranger Alasdair Eckersall explains:

'The hill, which is one of Scotland's most popular with walkers, was the venue recently for a working holiday for young people aged from 16 to 18 years. These dedicated youngsters were carrying out footpath repair work on the hillside during their 'holiday', and had a small tub for donations onsite while they worked.'

'The wet weather closed in and the team had to abandon work for the day - [and] in the rush forgot to stow away the donation box and the sign explaining how donations would be used.'

'We all headed back up to the site a few days later and got a great surprise to find that not only was the tub still there, but it had about £40 in change sitting in it. For two whole days, with no-one to keep an eye on it, our honest walkers had added to the pot quite considerably!'

The National Trust for Scotland (NTS) is a conservation charity that owns several significant mountain areas in Scotland and cares for around 400 miles of footpaths, carrying out a programme of regular repair and maintenance.

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