Moors Closures in the Peak

Temporary access restrictions to protect ground nesting grouse have been imposed on Bamford, Moscar, Hallam and Derwent Moors. Similar restrictions currently apply on Offerton and Abney Moors too. [Missing photo!]

These are permitted under CRoW legislation which allows landowners to impose 28 days of access restrictions per calendar year under their discretion, in certain circumstances. Access restrictions notified by the landowner will apply until 17 June, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays excluded, as reported here on the BMC website.

Climbing on Stanage north of the Long Causeway is still open, and there should be no problem accessing the base of the crag. The Derwent Edges concessionary path will also remain open, as will all rights of way. Please remember dogs are excluded from these grouse moors at all times of the year.

Adam Long, an access volunteer for the BMC says:

'This causes some confusion every year. The key message is that all that is restricted is the 'right to roam' gained under the CRoW act - ie wandering across the open moor, away from the paths. None of the public footpaths are affected, and the most important of the concessionary paths also remain open. Crags within the affected areas are not important grouse nesting sites, and mostly lie close to paths - therefore the landowners are fairly relaxed about us visiting them.'

'Free-running dogs are very unpopular though and should be kept to footpaths and on a short lead.'

A map of the restricted area is available on the Natural England website.

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