Epic Tri for Cancer Research

In April two seasoned adventure racers, Bruce Duncan and Anthony Emmet, hope to take on what they are calling the biggest challenge of their lives, a 1064-mile endurance feat spanning the UK.

Bruce and Anthony, 148 kb
Bruce and Anthony
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The Epic Tri is a triathlon with a difference, involving a 65-mile run over 42 mountains, an almost non-stop 874-mile tandem cycle and a 125 mile kayak race, all to be completed in only six and a half days.

'It will far outweigh any of the huge multisport adventure races we have done before'

The aim is to combine three of the toughest endurance challenges in the country, back to back. First up will be the legendary Bob Graham Round, a 65-mile sub-24-hour run over 42 mountains in the Lake District, generally regarded as one of the most challenging fell running routes in Britain. Hot on the heels of this Duncan and Emmet will cycle from John O'Groats to Land's End, 874 miles on a tandem. The record for cycling this famous route currently stands at just over 41 hours, but cyclists more typically take ten to fourteen days. Duncan and Emmet's target time is 60 hours.

If that doesn't finish them off then the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race awaits, a 125-mile kayak race that requires 77 portages, which they hope to complete in a respectable 24 hours. The pair aim to raise funds for Cancer Research, and are keen to point out that while their suffering will last less than a week many cancer sufferers don't have the luxury of being able to stop and turn off their pain.

Bruce Duncan, three times winner of the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race and Winner of the 2010 Nokia Coast to Coast Adventure Challenge - Expert category, says:

'The Epic Tri will be a huge undertaking, it will far outweigh any of the huge multisport adventure races we have done before but with a personal incentive we will push through the pain to raise as much as we can for Cancer Research.'

Anthony, 145 kb
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Bruce, 146 kb
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'Physically for me I am most worried about the Bob Graham as my running has been limited to a few outings in recent weeks and I am just not conditioned enough for it.' confides team mate Anthony Emmet in a recent blog post. 'I hope the 12 hours transition [from Bob Graham to John O'Groats] will allow us to mentally put the BG behind us and move onto the [cycle]. Sixty plus hours on a bike is completely nuts in any situation, never mind as part of a trilogy of pain and endurance.'

The challenge starts on Monday 18th April.

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