FRI NIGHT VID: -46°C = Winter on Gasherbrum II

Gasherbrum II Winter Expedition, 121 kb
Gasherbrum II Winter Expedition
© Cory Richards

Back on the 14th of Jan we reported that Simone Moro, Denis Urubk and Cory Richards are currently attempting a winter alpine style ascent of Gasherbrum II.

The expedition has been going according to plan and Simone wrote on the 26th of Jan on the North Face Journal:

"We just returned to Base Camp after 3 nights and 4 days of hard work on the mountain. Last night was the coldest -46 ° C. We have had great difficulty in reaching the technical field 2. C1 we spent two days, having to set up a bivouac at 6250. Unbelievable, for 250 yards a day! But the difficulties and dangers were high and we had to proceed carefully. Now all the acclimatization phase is over and the next round will be groped for the summit.

We will need strength and acceptable weather. After 16 days of arrival at base camp, to be already thinking about the summit does not seem true. But there are still 1500 meters to climb over to Camp 2. Do not scare me because in the winter Makalu, it was 1700 and with Denis we went to the top.

We'll see, we have time to even think of failure and lay on the first try and adjust the shot to the second. Now I go to bed because I'm tired. Tomorrow I will send you a Hello video.

Simone & friends"

As well as the 'Hello Video' which is great viewing, we have a new longer video dispatch from the team - both videos are below.

VIDEO: Hello from 6500m!: GII Winter Expedition: Getting ready for the final summit push

VIDEO: GII Winter Expedition | Dispatch #3 | The Cold Welcome

PHOTOS: Gasherbrum II

Gasherbrum II Winter Expedition, 152 kb
Gasherbrum II Winter Expedition
© Cory Richards

Gasherbrum II Winter Expedition, 158 kb
Gasherbrum II Winter Expedition
© Cory Richards

The Expedition is sponsored by The North Face

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