VIDEO: Glacier Skiing Safety

Crevasse action on the Vallée Blanche, 131 kb
Crevasse action on the Vallée Blanche
Working in cooperation with the Compagnie du Mont Blanc, a partnership of a British Guide and ski instructor has produced a video aiming to reduce the number of skiers falling into crevasses.

The 6 minute video, shown below, will be screened all winter at the Aiguille du Midi and Grands Montets ski areas.

Filmed last winter on the famous Vallée Blanche, it shows the basic principles of skiing on glaciers in terms of crevasse spotting and group management. Directed and produced by BMG guide Andy Perkins and Courchevel ski instructor Simon Christy, the film also features Simon Abrahams on safety and stunts, and is narrated by Miles Bright who authored a book on glacier safety and rescue for skiers and boarders. The film team also had technical input from BMG guide Kath Murphy.

"Every year there are serious accidents and fatalities on the Vallee Blanche and elsewhere due to a fundamental lack of awareness of the hazards of glacial skiing. Every time we see folk heading down there with no packs or harnesses, we know it's an accident waiting to happen." says Chamonix-based Andy Perkins.

"Simon and I got together at the Adventure Film Academy in Kendal and decided to put our energies into an educational film project. We're delighted that the Compagnie du Mont Blanc is supporting its distribution to get the film in front of the thousands of skiers and boarders this winter".

The film will be recommended to people attending the safety awareness days at the transceiver park at the Grands Montets.

VIDEO: Glacial Skiing Safety

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