VIDEO: British Premiere of Asgard Jamming at ShAFF and Ron Fawcett Live

The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival will be held over the 12th to 14th March: Alastair Lee has done a great trailer for ShAFF featuring some of the films being shown. See below...

Tickets are now on sale and as usual ShAFF is being held at the Showroom in Sheffield. You can buy tickets here

Asgard Jamming

Some big news from ShAFF is the British Premiere of Asgard Jamming, the story of Sean Villeneuva O'Driscoll, Stephane Hanssens, Olivier Favresse and Silvia Vidal's recent trip to Mount Asgard. It will be showing at 2:00pm - Sat 13th March in Showroom Two and at 12:00pm - Sun 14th March in Showroom One.

Frank4Short went to see this film in Dublin before Christmas and said on the UKC forums,

"Went to see this film by Sean Villeneuva O'Driscoll & Nicolas Favresse in a screening in Dublin last night. All I can say is this is great amateur film from a bunch of cutting edge climbers doing cutting edge free ascents of Mount Asgard on Baffin Island. Shows some massive wingers & some really hard climbing in a very out there situation. The fact it's an amateur film also adds to it in that you get a much more of a feel of how it actually is on the wall as opposed the usual beautifully made fair that show all of the hard climbing, etc but very little of the nitty gritty of what's involved.

Anyway if you get an opportunity to see this I recommend you do." also ran an article about their trip: Belgians Go Big on Baffin

This years ShAFF film line up is impressive and the full programme is here

Ron Fawcett Live

In addition Ron Fawcett will be giving a reading from his new book (ghost-written by Ed Douglas). Ian Parnell and Lucy Creamer will present all the films, and Niall Grimes will compere a quiz and 'Steep Shot' photo competition (more on this shortly as UKC will be running a competition to select two amateur photographers to battle it out against the pros, live on the night for a £500 cash prize). Plenty more going on too.

Essential Films

Not to be missed, in my opinion are:

Afghanistan - A Small Flame Of Hope, Birdman Of The Karakorum, First Ascent - Alone On The Wall (do not miss this), Mount Saint Elias - The Longest Ski Descent, One Crazy Ride, The Asgard Project, The Cable Car, and To The Rainbow. I'm sure Matt Heason will be along in a minute and give us his favourites.

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