UKH and Climbing Clubs

Climbing Clubs are an integral part of our climbing in the UK and we would like more clubs to use UKClimbing to attract members and promote their meets.. We currently have 451 Climbing Clubs listed in our classified database, and I am certain that many of the members of these clubs are already users of

To help with this we are going to offer each club a FREE Premier Classified Listings on the Classified section of the site. We will also make one profile from a senior club member into an enhanced profile so that the club web site appears with their posts on the forums. We have also set up a new events category for climbing club meets.

If you are interested in taking us up on this offer then please check if you club is listed on by searching for it on the listings page.

Email us and include the URL (eg. ) or the name of the club. Please also include your profile name, your connection with the club and the club's web site.

More information about Premier Classified Listings
More information about Enhanced Profiles (ignore the word 'commercial')
Have a look at the UKC Events Diary

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