Bear Grylls.......the hype starts to implode

Etonian, former SAS man (or maybe just a TA man) and Everest summiteer Bear Grylls is a best selling author, motivational speaker and presenter of the US Discovery Channel's 'Man Vs Wild' TV Series and Channel Four's TV Series: 'Born Survivor.'

Recently Bear claimed to have broke a world record by flying a powered paraglider above Everest! This is now in doubt as reports (link to report)

"With the help of Discovery's media apparatus, the news quickly spread around the world - with no fact checks done. Only pictures of clouds were presented and no technical specs were made available. When ExWeb approached Grylls' for proof; he replied they would be shown on TV. Later, he told Cooper that his instruments froze. And finally that he only did it for charity anyway."'s Tom Briggs also reports,

"I know people who were in base camp the day he flew over Dingboche and the joke was "why didn't he do it over Surrey?!"

Now the Daily Mail reports that:

"To viewers of his TV series, Bear Grylls is the daredevil adventurer who catapults himself into world's worst 'hellholes' and then survives on his wits alone.

In one episode filmed in California's Sierra Nevada mountains he was shown biting off the head of a snake for breakfast and boasting that he was living on 'just a water bottle, a cup and a flint for making fire'.

Viewers were not told that he was actually spending some nights in the Pines Resort hotel at Bass Lake, where the rooms have Internet access and is advertised as 'a cosy getaway for families' complete with blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

In another episode when Grylls declared he was a 'real life Robinson Crusoe' stuck on a desert island, he was actually on an outlying part of the Hawaiian archipelago and retired to a motel at nightfall."

You can read the Dail Mail report here

You can read more about Bear Grylls at his website and how he capitilised by hook or by crook, with silver tongue and good looks, on his ascent of Everest at age 23 and became as one newspaper described him, "the ultimate modern day adventurer - the real deal!"

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