Charlie Fowler's body found

The body of the American alpinist Charlie Fowler, 52, has been found on a remote peak in the Genyen Region of China. The body of his partner Christine Boskoff, 38, has not yet been located. See the earlier news report at further down this page.

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  • On December 27, 2006, a body, mostly buried in the snow, was spotted at 1:30pm (China time) by a Chinese member of one of the Field Search Teams. The location is at an approximate altitude of 5300m (17,388 feet), 3 hours above Lenggu Monastery in the Genyen Region. The body is currently unidentified and is not confirmed to be either Fowler or Boskoff. Details of the sighting include modern climbing equipment, blue gaitors, and grey boots. The U.S. Consulate in Chengdu, China has notified both of the families. It also reported that cooperation by the Chinese authorities has helped immensely to maintain an accelerated effort by all parties involved. The plan now is for additional Field Search Teams to return to the same area to confirm the identity of the body and to look for additional climbers and/or evidence.

  • On December 28, 2006, the body found on December 27, 2006 was confirmed to be that of Charlie Fowler and for the tie being is being brought down to Lengu Monastery. It appears that the cause is an avalanche. Fowler was not wearing a harness nor was he roped. He was wearing crampons and a large pack, indicating that the intent was to establish a high basecamp. At this point in the search, there is no evidence of Boskoff. The weather in the search area has changed to snow.

  • On December 29, 2006, the Field Commander determined that the area where Fowler's body was found has become too hazardous for the established teams to continue the search for Boskoff. The FBSC (Fowler Boskoff Search Fund) concurred, halting the search. The search will resume in the spring.

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