WANTED: Stanage Volunteers

Work continues at the Stanage Plantation Boulders this weekend. Julian Materna and Trudi Newman, BMC Access Volunteers, are leading this important work and will be there this Sunday afternoon (October 30).

Julian asks, "Please if you're up at Stanage take a couple of bags up with you." Trudi reports, "We've had the two Sunday 'lugging sessions' so far and about two thirds of the aggregate has been moved. The response for help has been superb. I can't really say how it's looking as a whole until we start actually building up the eroded areas, but we reckon we've got a good plan and hopefully it'll be much better than it is now. Someone might have to regrade some of the problems though, if the starts are easier...."

You can join in a discussion about this important work at the forums.

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