Viesturs completes all 8,000m climbs

This morning, Ed Viesturs became the first American, and the 12th climber in history to climb all 14 mountains higher than 8000m, with a summit of the statistically most dangerous - Annapurna. Even more impressive is that Ed has climbed all 14 without the use of supplementary oxygen. Only five other people on earth have done this. It has taken Viesturs 16 years to achieve this amazing tick list and this was his third attempt on Annapurna. Ed's strategy for most of his ascents has been to Guide an easier 8000er (this season it was Cho Oyu), before doing what he calls a "drive by" - a very quick ascent of the next 8000er on the tick list, benefiting from already being acclimatised. But the last climb was a tough one, as Ed had to spend three days at 7000m, held hostage in his tent by bad weather. Al Hinkes is currently on Kanchenjunga, hoping to become the first Brit to also complete the feat (though Al has used 02)

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