Media desperate for Everest stories

In the battle for Everest News, the media takes sides. In the last few days, there has been much speculation by the main Everest media websites ( and as to what is actually happening on Everest this spring. Some of these websites have close relationships with commercial operators and their reporting is less than impartial. They follow teams' progress as they send dispatches back by satellite telephone. On the North side of Everest this spring, accusations have been flying as to who has fixed ropes, who has promised to fix ropes and who has contributed to the efforts. One commercial outfit (Himex) was commissioned by the Chinese Mountaineering Association to fix rope and climbers paid US$100 per head to clip in. reports that Himex have not fulfilled their promises, whilst says that Sherpas have been unable to operate above 8300m because of the arctic temperatures and 60 knot winds. The weather on Everest has been bad for weeks now, with very high winds, so little has been happening. Some climbers are getting desperate, having been sat around at base camp for days on end, but it seems that the media are even more desperate for a story.

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