BMC campaign to improve safety

The BMC is launching a campaign to improve safety at climbing walls and bridge the gap between indoor climbing and the less predictable environment climbers face outdoors. They are installing information panels in 35 walls in England and Wales, producing a thirty page booklet called 'Climbing Outside' and re-launching a poster campaign reminding you to check your knot, called 'Check or Deck'.

The BMC says "Last year there were a number of deaths and serious accidents, so the BMC is using the opportunity provided by additional funding to remind people of the dangers, encourage them to adopt good practice and techniques, and also provide them with quality information produced by training professionals."

So will this campaign improve safety in the walls and at the crag? The climbing wall 'Climb when Ready' information panel has been funded by Sport England with support from the Association of British Climbing Walls and gives advice such as 'Communicate: develop a clear communication system. Use each other's names. Warn others of hazards'. In addition, amongst other things, it suggests that you Respect others: don't hog routes, lower off or abseil down routes others are climbing.

Will it be long before we see 'information panels' located at the foot of routes with a history of accidents?

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