Sir Ranulph Fiennes to attempt Everest

The Times reported yesterday that explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes is to attempt Everest next spring. Sir Ranulph was being interviewed in the Swiss Alps, where he was in training, prior to a climbing trip to Ecuador later in the year. 'Ran' as he likes to be called, doesn't consider himself a mountaineer, though he recently summited Kilimanjaro and has climbed the Matterhorn in the past. Despite his lack of climbing experience and a fear of heights, he sees Everest as a suitable challenge for a 60 year old who has had a double heart bypass. Of course, Ran is no average 60 year old and his Guides last week, two of whom were past Everest summiteers, described him as "both mentally and physically very strong - he went for a two hour run in the afternoon, after summiting the Breithorn in the morning". Ran is joining British company, Jagged Globe's team, who are attempting Everest from the north.

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