Chee Dale Railway Proposal Rejected After Feasibility Study

The proposal to reopen the railway down Chee Dale and Water-cum-Jolly has been rejected. The following statement was made by those conducting the feasibility study -

Stage 1 Feasibility Study into the reopening of the Buxton to Matlock railway has found that reopening by 2011 would not be financially sound, though in the longer term there may be more demand. There was no evidence os significant modal shift (people changing the way they got around) and net environmental gain. The consultants recommended the existing corridor should be safe-guarded for 20 years but that any further development work be limited.
Derbyshire County Council will give its formal reaction to the recommendation later in the summer.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust will be reviewing current access arrangments, for access to crags in Chee Dale, with the BMC next week. If there are any points you wish to raise about these access arrangements then do so by the thread below.

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